Here’s The Stage Where Falling During Pregnancy Can Be Dangerous

Most pregnant are often warned about walking carefully because falling for pregnant women can be extremely dangerous.  But do you know that your body is designed to protect your fetus from any injuries? Therefore, minor falls will have few repercussions.

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Not all falls are dangerous but there are some stages of pregnancy that can affect the baby. This post will show you when you falling during pregnancy is a reason to worry.

When Can A Fall Be Dangerous?

The impact of a fall differs for both pregnant mom and baby depending on four main factors:

1.Mother’s Age

The chances of complications of the fall increase with the age. For women over 35 years, the difficulties would be high. In this case, you should seek medical advice immediately even if there are no serious symptoms.

2.In Third Trimester

The risk of danger to the foetus is substantially higher in the third semester. The foetus is fully developed and is upside down where the head is closer to the vagina. The chances of the placenta that protects the baby being pulled off the uterine wall are much higher which can increase the risk of severe damage to the baby. It is also recommended that you keep an eye out for the leakage of amniotic fluid which could be a sign of premature labour.

3.Position Of Fall

The impact of your fall also depends on the surface – hard or soft. However, many women have fallen on concrete surfaces or slipped from stairs but delivered perfectly healthy babies.