6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Wearing A Bra

There is no greater feeling than returning home after a long day and removing your bra.

For most women, wearing a bra makes them feel more confident, yet for others, it will feel unusual not wearing one.

Science has however proven bras can actually decrease circulation to the breasts, which may reduce natural growth and breast tissue development.

Here are more reasons why you may need to ditch that bra right away.

1. You really do not need a bra

Truth be told, are bras really necessary?

Your breasts have their own form which shouldn’t be changed by using a bra.

2. It’s almost impossible to find one that fits perfectly

Almost every woman can relate to this. You check all the stores around you and yet, you can’t find the perfect size in sight.

It is a struggle for most women especially those with extremely big and small boobs.

3. They are uncomfortable

If you’ve worn a tight bra for a very long period of time, you already know the relief you feel when you actually take it off. Rather than put your body through all that discomfort, doesn’t it make more sense to just stop wearing them?

4. Your breasts will be healthier

When you sleep with a bra, blood circulation is slowed, even blocked. This can affect your circulation and nerves in arms.

A study by science a few years ago suggested that bras may actually increase breast sagging at a younger age and may hinder the ability to grow healthy tissue.

Healthy breast tissue is important for so many reasons; obviously, healthy tissue will decrease (but not totally prevent) your chance for various breast diseases, such as breast cancer.

Bras that don’t have the right fit, or have painful underwire, are going to cause shortness of breath, chest pains, and all sorts of discomfort.

5. You save some money

Let’s be honest, Having a good and quality bra doesn’t come cheap, therefore not wearing a bra affords you the opportunity to save some money that could be used for other things.

6. You feel more self-confident

Knowing that you have nothing to hide, you will feel much better.

Going braless will allow you to embrace your natural, beautiful body and you will feel more self-confident than ever. For a small breasted person,  You don’t always need all of that padding to look sexy, and realizing that will make you feel confident and liberated.

So there you have it, ladies! The choice to wear a bra or go braless lies in your hands.



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