3 Interesting Things Having Sex Regularly Does To A Woman

Sex Benefits

Healthy sex boosts our healthy life but this boost doesn’t work most times for casual sex or one-night stands. Sex is better enjoyed when it is pleasurable and with the right person.

Sex helps to lower levels of happiness and self-esteem, and higher levels of depression and anxiety.

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Here are some reasons why you should have sex more often

1. It improves sleep

Prolactin, a hormone that relaxes you, is also released after an orgasm. The combination of prolactin and all the rest of the “feel-good” hormones is why most people sleep better after sex.

To get the highest amount of prolactin, science suggests having an orgasm with a partner if possible. Research shows that the level of prolactin in both men and women after intercourse can be “400% greater than that following masturbation.

2. It relieves stress

The act of sex floods your brain with all sorts of feel-good chemicals while reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Dopamine, which impacts the brain’s pleasure and reward centres; endorphins, which can reduce pain and stress; and oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, are all released during sex, with higher levels after orgasm.

It boosts mood. Oxytocin promotes feelings of well-being and happiness. And you don’t have to boink like bunnies to feel that way.

3. It boosts immunity

Having regular sex may also help you fight off disease. A study recently concluded found that those with the most active sex life and lovers were the least likely to catch colds.

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