‘It Is Not A Crime To Be Broke’ – Actress, Shan George

Shan George has said it is not a crime not to have money.

The veteran actress was admonishing those who always expected financial help from people whether or not they could afford it at that time.

She revealed there were times she may not have N200 with her.


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If u promise someone money based on another person’s pocket, then u start hating bcos d person’s pocked isn’t buoyant at that time to help u fulfill ur promises, u r on ur own for ur hate o. Hell, there r times I dont even hv 200naira on me. There’s a nuclear family on my neck and I’m not hating on anyone for not helping. Let’s make promises withing our reach, to avoid stories that touch. It’s not a crime not to hv. ( d guilty will start thinking its them I’m writing about now 😂😂😂) #charitynotbyforce #bahumonoprincess #tooblessedtobestressed #motherofkings #africanfilmmaker #actorslife #shandelproductions #godfidence #ShanGeorge #chairmancallywood To see our latest movie, click link in my bio. Dont forget to subscribe 👌😘 Dress by……. @chinelle_world

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