‘I Feel Bad Whenever I Want To Punish My Daughter’ – Sophia Momodu Opens Up Frankly On Parenting

Sophia Momodu, mother to Davido’s First daughter, Imade has asserted that motherhood and parenting in general is not a task for the fainthearted.

The single mum of one on her Snapchat sought the advice of experienced parents on disciplining their kids, as she’s finding it difficult to tame her daughter, Imade.

She said that whenever she had to punish her daughter for any offence, she feels bad and would have pangs of guilt.

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We have highlighted 4 things she said:

1. On disciplining a child

Dear parents with older kids, does this feeling of “guilt” right after you spank your kid for being naughty every go away?

2. On how she feels disciplining her toddler.

Cos every time I have to spank my toddler or punish her for doing something wrong I immediately want to hug her and tell her sorry. Issa struggle to even keep a stern face, But I do it for the culture anyways.

3. On her fear of raising a spoilt child.

I don’t want to raise a spoiled brat and I don’t want to be an overly strict mom either. This parenting ish isn’t easy!! Where’s the perfect parent handbook?! Somebody send me a copy.

4. On an advice she got from a mother

“Yes It does love. What I do is after spanking her I call her and explain why I did and reassure her of my love for her and not to do it again with a cuddle of course.”