Media Personality Under Fire On Twitter For Saying She Finds It Hard To be Friends With Women Born And Raised In Nigeria

Stephanie Coker Aderinokun has come under heavy backlash for saying she finds it hard to be friends with women born and raised in Nigeria because their mindset is different.

The media personality in a recent episode of her podcast said:

”I find it hard to make friends with women that have grown up and spent their whole lives in Nigeria just because I feel like their mindset is very different and sometimes I think people take it like you are snobbish or whatever and its like no…I will give you a very good example. When you are out and maybe at a table, if a girl that never lived out of Nigeria comes to the table, she will greet the guys and not greet the woman and I am always like why? What is your problem? I was here first. You should have at least said hi”

This sparked reactions on Twitter with many condemning her for her statement.

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