11 Ways To Slay As A Muslim Lady

Its another beautiful Friday and today we will be taking a look at fashion for our Muslim sisters.

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For a long time, there has been a misconception that to be modest, you have to dress in a somewhat prudish manner but thanks to the new flock of muslimmah fashion bloggers, we are seeing a totally different side to the story.

With these new crop of modest-fashion-lovers,a whole new perspective on how you can dress as a muslim lady has been opened and more and people are falling in love with it.

Be it denim, a trendy kimono or even a stylish maxi dress, as a Muslim lady you can wear them all while still keeping with your religious believes.

Here are ten photos proving how stylish you can be with your fashion too.

1. Your regular skirt and blouse can be more stylish when you colour-co0rdinate

2. Who says you can’t slay in a formal attire too

3. Simple but yet chic

4. A monochrome lover? Try this look

5. Rock a kimono looking trendy too

6. Even a regular shirt can look spunky with the right styling

Huggies Nappy Pants

7. You don’t have to stay away from denim either

8. Looking good in black

9. The more the merrier

10. Keep the monochromes coming

11. Pants are not left out of what you can try