A WOMAN claiming to be the mother of the little boy in the controversial H&M advert has reacted to the public backlash as a result of the hoodie saying it was unnecessary and there was no big deal about it.

Terry Mango is believed to be the mother of the young black boy,  called Liam, who wore the hoodie bearing the words: “Coolest monkey in the jungle.”

Recall that International clothing store H&M , came under heavy criticism a few days ago after featuring a photo of a 5 year old boy wearing a “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie which many people felt was promoting racism.

Controversial: H&M has come under fire this week over an advert featuring a black child model wearing a jumper emblazoned with 'Coolest Monkey in the Jungle'

The hoodie, available at the store’s United Kingdom page as a “printed hooded top,” was noticed Sunday, the 7th of January by blogger Stephanie Yeboah, whose outraged screen capture of the offering went viral.

In a series of post via her Facebook  account, Ms Mango who is of Kenya descent and resides in Sweden where H&M is based urged critics – including high profile musicians and sports stars – to ‘get over it’ and to ‘stop crying wolf.

She commented in a Facebook post (pictured) that has been widely circulated on social media

After news of the ‘racist’ act by H&M broke out, popular celebrities had taken to social media to call them out for the lack of sensitivity which they showed.

H&M, based in Sweden, apologized Monday morning for what many said was an insensitive association between the young model and a hateful slur against black people.