The Best 7 Chest Freezers For Every Home

Freezers are an integral part of your family’s day-to-day life. We rely on Freezers as you move through the workweek or weekend; efficient or large-capacity freezer such as double door, or side-by-side make all the difference in creating a smooth-running modern home.

A chest freezer is a really important home appliance to most people, especially businesses. For that reason, we’ll look at the features, best prices and where you can buy at an affordable price.  With a chest freezer, you can have more storage capacity, compared to conventional refrigerators.

Chest freezers are far more compact and less expensive, while upright freezers are larger, provide more storage space, but are generally more expensive and consume more energy.

1. LG Chest Freezer GCS335GV | N 150,000

Need a fridge freezer that’s compact on the outside but roomy inside? LG’s A+ Energy Rated fridge freezers have slender designs that give your kitchen an instant upgrade, with the space you need to store more and shop less. Experience the best cooling ever Compressor 10 Year Warranty 5 Days maintaining the temp Stabilizer Free(LVS&HVS)

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2. Polystar Super Chest PVCF-322GL | N 125,500

The Polystar Chest Freezer is also a very reliable alternative offering you high performance in freezing your food items to keep them fresh. It has an efficient freezing function that gets everything in it so cool very fast, it still stays cool and this way it gets to preserve your perishable food items for a very long time.

The freezer provides adequate storage space for lots of items to be stored as it is built to enable you store large quantities of perishable and non-perishable items, and there is the Polystar TABLE TOP fridge which features manual defrost system, adjustable feet, reversible door (left or right swing) for extra convenience. It is also 100% HFC and FCKW free and highly energy efficient.

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3. Scanfrost Deep Freezer SFL251M | N 154,500

The Scanfrost Chest Freezer SFL251C features a supercooling compressor that will preserve your groceries and perishables faster and for much longer. Featuring a 250-litre gross capacity and easy use handle, it is lockable with a key, making it safe for kids and it comes with a removable storage basket. Chest and Deep freezers are simply great for storing bulk for a longer timeline, which helps to make grocery shopping cheaper. They can also act as a backup to your main fridge to ensure you never run out of food, and they are particularly good for storing large bags of ice.

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4. Nexus 100 Litres Chest Freezer NX-150C | N 69,490

Nexus, the leading provider of quality home appliances in Nigeria, is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy access to a premium range of chest freezers. Our products are designed for superior storage space, style and aesthetics, and most importantly to keep your food fresh.

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5. Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer HTF-319 | N 199,900

The Haier Thermocool Refrigerator HTF 319  is a smart, reliable and energy-efficient refrigerator to take care of your home needs then nothing comes better than this extremely compact refrigerator from Haier.
Food stays frozen 100hrs of power failure
Super freezing function
Extra-density insulation
Anti-rust cabinet

6. Hisense Chest Freezer FRZ FC 130SH | N 84,000

It has a storage capacity of 130 litres allows for storage of both small and large sized food items.

Some of its notable functions and features are : Super Freezing Function, 3-Dimension Freezing, CFC free refrigerant (Environment Friendly), LED light. With a capacity of 130 litres, this freezer can accommodate surplus food items and perishables.

These food items can be kept fresh for as long as 4 days (100hours) even after a long stretch of power cut. It operates on a voltage / frequency of  220V/50Hz respectively. This freezer automatically comes with baskets that accompany this product upon purchase. They can be used for storing fruits, vegetables and diary products.

This is made possible by the direct cooling system and its 75mm insulation thickness that ensures the cool air stays within the freezer.

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7. Bruhm Chest Freezer BCF-SD200F | N 106,800

This BRUHM Chest Freezer 200L BCF-SD200F Silver comes with improved insulation technology, meaning thinner walls that translates into greater interior capacity as well as improved energy efficiency.

The fully tropicalized compressor works perfectly well in humid weather too, especially in this part of the world. Its glass shelving is made with tampered glass and is spill proof. This reduces the risk of spilled liquid within the refrigerator dripping to the floor. Convenient lock and key to secure stored food items is a must have in every refrigerator, and the BRUHM Freezer is not left out.

The BRUHM Freezer is compact but spacious, fitting easily into a little space and still offering enough room to hold drinks, snacks, and other refreshments. It comes in an elegant silver metallic or white finishing and blends well into your room or office decor.

BRUHM products have been trusted for over the years which gives customers enough reason to be at peace with themselves and their pockets when buying this product.

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