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The Ultimate Baby Shopping Guide You Need To Buy For Newborn

When you are having a new baby, there are so many things to consider when it comes to baby shopping. Most pregnant and expectant mums want to know what new baby things to buy. In reality, there are some must-haves and some nice to have; it is helpful to know the basic things for your newborn.

List of the things you need for a newborn baby

This baby shopping list helps you plan what you need for a new baby and for yourself as a new mum. Shopping for your baby is fun, there are some items that are necessary and some items that are simply nice to have. Remember babies grow quickly so don’t be tempted to overbuy!

1. Newborn Baby Clothing

A newborn spends most of their days sleeping and eating. Comfort is high on the baby shopping list when you think about what to buy for baby. Babies also grow fast, so be sure not to buy too much for any age. We recommend 100% cotton where possible to reduce any reaction to blends. New babies have sensitive skin.

  • 6 – 8 Long-sleeved onesies and sleepsuits (do not buy too many of one size as babies grow very quickly!)
  • 6 – 8 Short sleeve bodysuits and onesies
  • undershirts
  • 1 – 2 sweaters
  • 3 – 6 pairs of socks
  • Cap/booties/mittens/hats
  • Blankets; Receiving blankets are great for many purposes. To put on your shoulder when carrying the baby.
  • Several burp cloths (to put over your shoulder for spit ups)
  • Washcloth
  • towels

Because babies grow fast, Parents typically don’t need a lot of “newborn”-size clothing, as they will quickly outgrow it. Consider how easy a garment is to put on and take off and make sure it’s simple to change a diaper, too.

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2. First Aid/Grooming/Bath

Baby’s skin is delicate and should not have any harsh products used. Choose shampoo, soap, and lotions carefully. For grooming, nails need to be filed down to ensure their little sharp nails do not scratch their cute cheeks.

  • Soft hairbrush and comb
  • Thermostat
  • Nail cutter/baby scissors/soft nail enamel file
  • Baby changing  mat
  • Cotton wool
  • Baby moisturiser
  • Nappies (they grow out of the newborn sizes quickly so don’t stock too many). Cloth diapers are also useful to use as a rag or to wipe spills.
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby bath soap/shampoo
  • Baby bath
  • Three or four hooded baby towels – perfect for wrapping baby snuggly after a bath
  • Baby washcloths are a must. They’re far thinner than regular adult washcloths and less likely to irritate baby’s skin.
  • Changing table or cushioned changing pad for low dresser or bureau, with safety strap or railing
  • Diaper pail and liners
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby wipes; Unscented baby wipes are preferable (causes less irritation)
  • If you are using cloth diapers, you need 6-10 dozen and 6-8 diaper covers

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3. Feeding

Be prepared to feed your newborn around the clock—which means, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you’re going to need the right gear. Here’s the newborn checklist of feeding supplies to stock up:

  • Feeding bottles (different sizes are recommended) and extra teats. Bottles and nipples, both 4- and 8- ounce (if fed strictly by the bottle, a baby will go through about 10 in the 4-ounce size per day)
  • Steriliser
  • Lots of bibs (the wipeable ones are better) – Bibs are another of those things you just can’t have enough of.
  • Cleaner for bottle
  • Bottle or Flask (for storing hot water)
  • Set of plates, bowls and spoons (perfect for when the baby is starting to eat solids)
  • Baby food masher (preferably stainless steel perfect for the weaning stage)
  • Food or Bottle warmer
  • Breast pump and storage bags (you also need ice packs to store the freshly expressed milk)
  • Nursing pillow (if you plan to breastfeed)
  • Bottlebrush
  • Dishwasher basket for small items

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4. Nursery

A baby’s room calls for adorable decor for sure, but you’ll also need furniture that will make infant care easier (and safer). Sleep is going to be a precious thing for babies so help them get it. Here are some must-haves for any nursery:

  • Crib or cot (you might want to get a crib that can convert into a toddler bed)
  • Baby mattress; a Firm, flat mattress that fits snugly in the crib (less than two fingers should fit between mattress and crib)
  • Rocking chair or armchair for all the late-night feeding
  • Mattress cover (to protect the mattress from pee and also great for children who have allergies to things like dust mites)
  • Fitted sheets
  • Note that pillows or soft cuddly toys are dangerous for babies if left in their cribs
  • Changing table (with storage space)
  • Mosquito net
  • Crib mobile

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5. Mothercare

We cannot forget mum, you need to be comfortable and be ready for breastfeeding! There are several stores that are perfect for expectant and new mums such as Mothercare.

  • Nursing bra
  • Nursing pads (disposable and washable)
  • Nipple cream (for breastfeeding and to avoid sore nipples)
  • Loose shirts/button-down blouses for easy feeding
  • Sitz bath
  • a big box of extra-long maxi pads for lochia
  • nursing nightgown or comfy cotton pyjamas

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6. Other baby things to buy

  • Baby journal – great to capture the early years
  • Monitor for baby room
  • Baby carrier or baby sling
  • Nursing cover (perfect for those times when you need to breastfeed in public or an overly crowded place)
  • Rocking chair
  • Boppy pillow to support during breastfeeding
  • non-bio washing soap for laundry
  • Car seat (be sure to get the right one for the size of your baby)
  • Pram or pushchair

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When baby shopping, it is important to keep in mind that not all these on the list are must-haves. Truly all your baby really needs is your love and affection. Be sure to take care of yourself as you adjust to motherhood and your baby will grow and flourish.

Jumoke Tijani is a Digital Specialist at FabWoman. She loves to bring the latest reviews and advice on products and services to the community. When Jumoke is not working, she loves traveling and meeting new people.