Make Your Wedding Reception One To Remember With These 5 Helpful Tips

Like it is said, ‘it is not over until it is over. That goes well for weddings and receptions.

Just because you’ve said ‘I do’ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for the after.

When planning your wedding, you have to be very careful because not planning it properly could lead to hiccups. Without careful planning, your reception might not be successful which means the wedding is a total burst.

Making a wedding reception successful is also a top priority for a wedding planner. Case in point, Nigerian blockbuster movie Wedding Party.

You have to make your guests not want to leave because they are enjoying your party. Nothing like a good talk about your wedding right?

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Here are  a few tips to keep in mind if you want your wedding reception to be successful.

1. Get The Event Hall And Location Right

When planning your wedding, you have to get the location right. The venue of the reception hall has to be close to an easily accessible road, must have a good parking space, and also a good ventilation. Be it an open space or a hall, if the location is far from the church or the bride’s home, you won’t be seeing very excited guests. Parking space should also be considered. You have to get an event hall that can take your estimated number of guests.

2. Let Time Be Your Guide

No one likes to drag an event longer than it should except the guests are having fun. When guests have to sit for hours to wait for the bride and groom to make their entrance, they usually become disinterested, especially if the entrance is not a grand one. The receptions are to entertain guests so don’t do everything at the proper time. Make your entrance at the right time, serve the guests when it’s time, Share your souvenirs just before people get to the dance. If things follow a proper order as you’ve set them, your wedding is sure to be a success.

3. Get An Entertaining MC

Before you get your Master of Ceremony MC, make sure his/her style is to your taste. Your MC is a person who will carry your guests along, make them laugh, get them to engage in the ceremony and not just come for the food alone. An MC that is able to distract people away from their food is doing a fantastic job. Do your research on the MC you want to hire. If you hire a boring one, you might lose your guests to other distracting activities. Your MC has to fit the style and concept of your wedding.

4. Hire A Good Band

The MC and band go hand in hand, but there are sometimes that they don’t sync well, once that happens your guests might feel disappointed and let down. Knowing the right song to play at the right time is the job of the band. You should also research on the band you want to hire. Their style should also match the style and tone of you wedding. You don’t want people leaving in the middle of the reception do you?

5. Get Enough Hands To Help

This is a very important tip. You would need enough ushers to help with the food, souvenirs, sitting the guests in their proper seats, and other minute details that you won’t be able to oversee. Getting enough people to help with the food is very important because people are there to celebrate with you.

If your guests are not attended to early and begin to find alternative solutions, then your wedding is not going so well. Therefor you need to hire enough people to help, and where there is not enough funds, ask people close to you who can help. Wedding business is all about planning and preparation to have a lifetime worth of fun and joy in one day, so make it count.

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