These 5 Tips Will Make Picking The Perfect Wedding Decor Easy For Any Bride

One of the first things people notice when they get to your wedding reception, is the wedding decor.

The ambiance, aura and feel you want your wedding to have is dictated to a large extent by the type of decoration you choose for your wedding. Be it an intimate setting or a classy society wedding you want, your decoration should never be over looked.

For this reason, picking the right kind of theme goes a long way to determine how well your wedding decor will be executed. A wedding theme is that singular idea that you want your guests to notice first when they come to your wedding. Theme for a wedding can range from romantic to luxury and even tapping the time of the year such as festive season.

To get the best out of your wedding decor, here are 5 things to consider

1. Consider your venue

One of the first things to consider for your wedding decor is the venue and location you want to use. The decoration idea for an outdoor wedding will definitely be different from when you are using an hall.

2. Decide on a theme

Like we said earlier, deciding on a theme for your wedding is very important. For instance, if you are going for a romantic theme, rich colours such as burgundy, wine and purple will help translate this theme properly.

3. Choose a colour

The colour you pick for your wedding decor will also influence how everything will look at the end of the day. Pick a colour before hand and let your decorator be aware so he/she can plan along with it.

4. Consider the season

The time of the year when your wedding will be taking place is another note-worthy point. For instance if you are a December bride, you might want to incorporate a bit of Christmas feel into your decor.

5. Listen to your decorator

Most likely your event-planner/ decorator has had years of experience decorating a wedding venue. Using him or her as a sounding board for some of the ideas you have for your wedding will help come to a satisfactory and reasonable conclusion. As much as it is your wedding, taking advise from your decorator will save you a lot of stress.


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