Want To Become An Actress In Nigeria? These 4 Tips Will Serve As A Guide

There is no need to be scared when venturing into acting, all it takes is a bit of dedication, patience, and a few of the tips we would be giving you below.

 Nigeria’s movie industry makes more movies than any other country except India? Do you want to know how to be an actress in Nigeria? Do you want to know how you can be the fresh female Nigerian actress we have been waiting for? 

With these tips, you would be on your way to becoming a fresh Nollywood and even global star.

1. Create an online presence

Instead of waiting to be discovered, why not put yourself out there. Who knows maybe something might happen earlier than you think.

Yes, Try making a recording of your acting and share it on social media. The internet is a very powerful and important tool and its free for crying out loud.

Use this to your advantage and create an online presence for yourself.Be known. Good content only,nothing shady please as you don’t want to be involved in a n unbecoming video that will hunt you later.

It would not hurt to try who knows who might be watching. Give it a try if you are up to it.

2. Put in the work

Nothing good comes easy, cliche right? Not a new saying but true. If you want to become the next superstar, you have got to work for it.

Hard work does not kill anyone, it only makes you stronger. Improve your acting skills at every opportunity, take acting jobs you feel comfortable with and jobs which would help your experience. Most importantly, when you start, do not be particularly concerned if the pay is little as it will get better.

Focus on improving your skills and getting as much jobs as you can handle. Get experience from small jobs and use them to build your resume, with time you will build an impressive resume.

3. Get an acting mentor

We all know the importance of a mentor. Having a mentor even in the acting industry is important and can determine how fast you reach the peak of your career.

Having a good mentor should be thoroughly considered. A mentor would also assist you in getting proper acting skills and also information on happenings in the industry.

4.  Networking

The importance of networking cannot be over emphasized. The truth is you cannot do it all alone,you need the assistance of those who have gone before you or those still on the same path as you are.

How do you network?  You do this by building a relationship with focused actresses or aspiring actresses.  People who have the same goals as you do. You should also Join a credible and supportive organisation for actors.

Having contacts in the movie industry,would allow you to know which roles are available,when auditions are to be held and also to get acting jobs e.t.c

Information that may not be advertised but known by only those in the industry would get to you once you know the right people.



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