3 Important Things To Know As You Choose A Career Path

Before technology became so advanced, the choice of career path for the average Nigerian, to a great extent depended on our parents.

For them, one was only successful if he or she were to be a medical doctor, a lawyer, or an Engineer. Surprisingly, not many of them (parents) were professionals in the occupations mentioned above.

The Nigerian child or youth now has much of a say as to what he or she wants to become in life. Now, the question is how do we make an informed decision on the right career path? We shall highlight this by discussing the factors to consider when choosing your career.

Here are three Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Career:

1. Passion

Having a passion for what you do is arguably the most common advice on choosing a career. As cliché as that advice is, it is one that cannot be neglected for years to come.

You need to love what you do in order for your job to mean something to you. The good thing about life is the myriad of choices it offers, good or bad.

These choices are also extended to programs of study out there for the varying careers desired. You have many options to choose from- bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, Certifications, etc.

Having an idea of what you might want to study is a great start as you can begin to explore possible careers and programs of study that might fit what you want to do.

2. Financial Resources

Ever heard of the saying, the more you learn the more you earn? Well if you haven’t you just did and it’s a proven fact. The higher your level of education, the higher your average annual income.

Your choice of career can have an impact on your potential earnings in the coming years. Education should be seen as a long-term investment. You may not see its ripple effect immediately, as it may take a while before you start earning a high salary but one thing is for sure, you definitely will.

For this reason, carefully consider your available financial resources.

3. Economy: Know The Job Market

One pertinent question that should be on your mind would be: Can I find a Job after I graduate?The job market can have its ups and downs. It helps to keep abreast with the careers that are in high demand right now, and are anticipated to be in high demand in the future.

Trust us when we say, you do not want to stay at home feeding off your parents months after graduation. When you are looking at possible careers, take a look at the projected growth and demand, along with the current unemployment trends.

Taking both into account can give you a better picture of what the demand for your career will be in the future.


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