Top 10 Best African Countries For Women In 2024 (See Full List)

Nigeria missing on World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index report

Top 10 Best African Countries For Women

  • This article highlights the Top 10 African Countries with the best gender gap index in 2024

African countries have been making tremendous strides and impacts to advance women’s empowerment and achieve gender equality.

A report by the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index also confirmed this in its recently released list of the 2024 Top 10 Best African Countries for Women.

The Global Gender Gap 2024 Insight report by the World Economic Forum highlights countries that have made substantial progress in narrowing the gender gap within a year.

While Namibia leads the pack with South Africa occupying the second position, Nigeria is conspicuously absent from the list. Mozambique ranked third, with Burundi and Rwanda taking the fourth and fifth spots, respectively,

The report says:

“The 2024 index also shows important changes in ranking. The five economies that improved their rankings the most climbed over 20 places: Ecuador (+34, ranked 16th), Sierra Leone (+32, ranked 80th), Guatemala (+24, ranked 93rd), Cyprus (+22, ranked 84th), and Romania and Greece (+20, ranked 68th and 73rd, respectively),” the report revealed.

“The most significant drops in the ranking are also negative shifts of over 20 places: Bangladesh (-40, ranked 99th), Lao PDR (-35, ranked 89th), El Salvador (-28, ranked 96th), Rwanda (-27, ranked 39th) and Bhutan (-21, ranked 124th),” it added.

Here are the top 10 best African countries for women according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index.