Top Afghanistan Female Police Officer ‘On The Run’ After Being Brutally Beaten By Taliban In Kabul

One of Afghanistan’s top female police officers has said she fears for her life after fleeing the Taliban in Kabul.

She revealed how she was ‘brutally beaten’ and threatened as she tried to leave the country.

Gulafroz Ebtekar was Deputy Chief for Criminal Investigations for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, and one of the country’s most high-profile women in authority before the government was toppled by the Taliban last month.

Now, after having received threatening letters from the Taliban and unsuccessfully attempting to flee to the airport, she says that she is ‘on the run’ and believes that her ‘whole family is in great peril’.

She said: I spent five nights at the gates of Kabul airport without water or bread, in a rain of bullets and surrounded by the Taliban,’ she said. ‘I witnessed the death of children and women. I sent messages to the embassies of many countries to save myself and my family, but all to no avail.’

 I managed to reach the perimeter of Kabul airport but was denied entrance by American soldiers despite showing them documents that proved she was in danger.

Before reaching the US soldiers, she told a Russian newspaper she was attacked by Taliban soldiers.

According to The Mirror, she said to Moskovsky Komsomolets:

All their words were accompanied by blows. When I was hit again, I could not get up, I could not say a word.

The Taliban acted like this: first they hit, then allowed you to move. You take one or two steps, and pay for it. They beat me with fists, boots, weapons and even stones.

Now, as she attempts to avoid Taliban reprisals while seeking a way out for herself and her family, she says that she has nothing left to fear.

‘I’m not afraid to speak openly, because I have nothing left,’ she said.

‘The state of Afghanistan no longer exists, there is no freedom. All the time I fought to maintain a normal life in the country. If now there is no such life, why should I be afraid?’