Toyosi Etim-Effiong Tiwi

Toyosi Etim-Effiong Claps Back At Critics Over ‘Congratulatory’ Post To Kunle Remi’s Wife, Tiwi

Toyosi Etim-Effiong breaks silence on her viral congratulatory post to Tiwi, Kunle Remi’s wife.

Toyosi Etim-Effiong has broken her silence over the criticisms that trailed her concerns about Tiwi who recently tied the knot with actor, Kunle Remi.

In a post that went viral, the media entrepreneur who is married to actor, Etim-Effiong admitted her fears over their relationship, especially as she is married to a celebrity herself.

She wrote:

“This couple is special to me. Tiwi has been my aburo for much longer than I’ve known Daniel and when she told me about Kunle, I can’t lie, my heart did “GBISH GBISH” because I know FIRSTHAND about the… uniqueness of this kind of union.

The attention and affection that this fine-boy, hand-rubbing, chest-showing, sunglasses-wearing, lip-licking “screen gods” receive is not for faint-hearted spouses and that’s where the fear stemmed from.

But over time, following multiple conversations and observations of their interactions, the fear has subsided and now I’m just happy at how happy and intentional they are and how beautiful the ceremonies looked in the pictures and videos!

I love you guys so much @kunleremiofficial and I speak GOD’s covering over both of you ❤️.”

This sparked reactions on social media, with not a few calling her insecure.

She had also written a follow-up post, which has now been deleted. In a new post on Monday, she reiterated that as a storyteller, she was obligated to write how she liked and was not pressured to stop anytime soon.

I forgive and release everyone that wrote offensive comments about me online yesterday/today.

I forgive and release the blogs and platforms that may have incited those offensive comments with the wordings of their headlines/captions.

1. I will not stop sharing my stories/memories/epistles as and how I feel. Included in my wonderfully complex fabrication is the DNA of a storyteller and storytellers tell stories.

2. I will not stop writing or talking about @etimeffiong. After my redemption through the blood of my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, he is the BEST gift GOD has given me.

He is a good man, he doesn’t stress me, he comes home at night, he puts food on our table, he FEARS GOD. On top of that, he’s fine, he satisfies me deeply (read this one again), he makes me laugh, he apologizes when I’m hurt, he takes responsibility for his actions, he’s talented, he’s hardworking, he’s from a good Good family, I could go on.

For a storyteller, it’s impossible not to write about the things that give you the most joy and Etim Effiong, as you refer to him on social media, gives me joy. So, I will talk about him and us when and how I like and he’s not obliged to do the same.

Finally, as I was reminded by the Holy Spirit when I presented the chaos to Him, there will always be more people (and support) for me than against me. They may seem quiet, but they’re there and I’d like this to serve as a reminder to all storytellers whose ideologies may come off as triggering but are aligned with a higher calling.

Remember that to some we are the fragrance of death, and to others, the fragrance of life – 2 Cor 2:15-16.

Welcome to all the new followers! There’s more about me in the 3rd post pinned to my profile ☺️

To everyone who spoke up and has been speaking up for me, the #TerritoryTakers, Thank You. I’ll be archiving the previous post (not the original one) soon to keep things cute on the feed. Again, please remember that we forgive them and we release them.


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