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Ugandan Chef ‘Mama D’ Breaks Guinness World Cooking Record

Dorcus Mirembe has set a new record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

The Guinness World Record for longest cooking marathon has been broken for the umpteenth time.

Ugandan chef Dorcus Mirembe, popularly known as Mama D, has set a new record for longest cooking by an individual at nearly 120 hours, set by Irish chef Alan Fisher in November.

As of the time of filing this report, Mama D’s current cooking time is 124 hours and counting. She began her cooking journey on December 23 and is attempting to continue until December 31. If she succeeds, she will have cooked non-stop for nine days.

She explained that she was inspired to take on the challenge because of the variety of foods available in the country.

“Uganda is bestowed with an abundance of traditional foods and I want to showcase them to the world, to be the ambassador for the wonderful diverse cuisines of Uganda, the pearl of Africa,” she added.

Government officials, businesspeople, and celebrities have all rallied around her by sending messages through different social media platforms, while many others have physically visited her at her restaurant near Kampala.

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