Viola Davis Set To Become An Author As She Releases A Children’s Book

Viola Davis Book 'Corduroy Takes A Bow

Oscar winning actress Viola Davis is set to release a children’s book  which is titled “Corduroy Takes a Bow.” The book is made up of characters based on a best selling children’s book “Corduroy,” which was released in 1968.

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The original book was one of very few books Davis connected to as a child, with its main human character, teddy bear Corduroy’s friend, Lisa, was a black girl.

Davis’ take on the characters will be released on the 50th anniversary of the original book, September 4, 2018.

Talking to People about the book, Davis said:

“When I was a little girl, it wasn’t often that I found myself reflected in the pages of a book.

Corduroy was an exception, and I adored flipping through it. To be able to introduce a new generation, including my daughter, to this character that was so special to me in my childhood is an incredible honor.”

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