Want Longer Hair? Try These Essential Vitamin Supplements

It’s unfortunate that environmental factors won’t let your hair grow well. Despite still having a number of people with long hair, you still wonder why yours doesn’t grow.

Worry not, because there are healthy supplements to beat whatever is preventing your hair from growing.

Here are 5 vitamin supplements to boost your hair growth:

1. Biotin

This supplement is one of the best for hair growth. It treats hair loss and makes your scalp healthy.

You can use biotin pills from a Pharmacy and ask experts the right one to use.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C contains antioxidants which help to prevent hair damage. Ensure you take Vitamin C tablets regularly and take s lot of fruits.

3. Vitamin A

Your hair needs Vitamin A for moisture and softness. This enables growth to be easier. Foods that contain Vitamin A are sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, kale and some animal foods.

However, it should not be an excessive intake, as it may decline hair growth at the same time.

4.  Vitamin D


Your Vitamin D intake should be high. This is because the vitamin creates new hair follicles, which is the direct hair growth process.

Lack of Vitamin D can cause alopecia or hair loss, and here are foods you can take:  fatty fish, cod liver oil, mushrooms and fortified foods.

5. Vitamin E

Sunflower oil, almonds, cashew nuts and others are great sources of Vitamin E.

Remember that what you eat affects your hair!

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