11 Essential Items Every Stylish Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

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As a woman,  it is very important that you stay abreast of trends in fashion but at the same time,  there are some basic essentials that should constantly feature in your wardrobe.

These wardrobe essentials serve as the foundation on which you can easily build your other fashion choices and they are also your easy-picks for those days you are not Inspired to make an effort on how you look.

Here are 11 items you should absolutely invest in if you haven’t already.

1. Flats

Now we know heels are chic and Sexy and they give your legs that mile long look,  but there are days you need to take a break from them. Your ballet flats are comfortable and can still look fabulous as well.

2. A white shirt

There are only a few other clothing items as versatile as the classic t-shirt. Wear it under a jacket with pants, tuck it into a skirt or just let it hang loose over a pair of denim, you will be ready to hit the road in no time.

3. A black blazer

You can never go wrong with a well-cut blazer in your wardrobe. Pair it with a camisole and a skirt or take it casual chic with a bustier and denim pants, you will never have a fashion miss with this.

4. A little black dress

Now every fashionista who knows her onions will tell you straightaway that an LBD is a must-have, no negotiations about it. This is simply because, with a little black dress and a lot of imagination, you can wear your little black dress in multiple ways without anyone knowing.

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5. A pair of good quality denim

When it comes to your denim, investing in good quality denim is the best. You not only enjoy them for longer but also they have a better fit than the regular ones. We sure don’t need to tell you how a denim pant can make all the difference in your life. A denim jacket is also a lifesaver.

6. A pair of comfortable pumps


shoes for work

Heels are another wardrobe essentials you should look into getting if you don’t own them already. Of course there several styles and designs to pick from, a basic pump has more versatility and will look good wit almost anything.

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7. Knee-length skirt

You should own at least one skirt in your wardrobe. There will be occasions that call for it and you might just be in the mood to bring out your sexy chic look for work too.

8.Black Pants

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Whether they’re tie-waist trousers or pencil-straight, a pair of black pants is another foundation piece to stock up on.

9. A classy lightweight sweater

We always find ourselves needing extra-warm clothing when we least expect it (because the weather doesn’t send a memo).  Be prepared ahead by getting at least one in a solid color. It would go nicely with your denim, skirt and even some of your dresses.

10. A colourful scarf

Most of us don’t set out to buy scarves when we go shopping. If only you knew how much difference a simple scarf around your neck would make to your outfit.

11. A pair of shorts

For those of us who don’t mind showing off our legs, a pair of shorts is definitely an essential you can’t overlook. For casual or event some formal event, the shorts have been enjoying a lot of wear. Don’t be left out of the fun.