5 Ways To Keep Your Children Engaged During The Summer Break

Portrait of happy African American family reading book together while lying on the floor

It’s that time of the year most parents especially mothers don’t look forward to! yeah, it’s the summer holiday season.

The summer holidays in Nigeria starts typically from July ending and end mid-September for most schools. Ideally, it’s the period where children take time off schoolwork to rest and prepare for the next session. It’s also a time that affords parents the opportunity to properly bond with their children.

However, times have changed and there is the need to keep your children busy and engaged.

We live in a fast-growing digitally controlled world, hence developing your children’s talents and gifts asides just going to school is very important.

The summer holidays, therefore, affords them the opportunity to participate in things that may interest them asides from schoolwork.

Here are some ways you can keep your children or wards occupied during the long holidays.

1. Give them responsibilities

We all know children like to act like adults and take on responsibilities, so keep them busy. Make them do basic house chores like sweeping, tidying up their room, dusting, washing the dishes, etc.

Though interest in simple chores may fade as a child grows, such responsibilities are important to a child’s early development. This is the best time and age to get them to do what you want, so get at it.

2.Enroll them at a Summer School

This has become a core part of the summer holidays. In fact, most parents send their children right off to summer classes a week after the holidays start in a bid to stay sane, as they feel it’s one of the best ways to keep them occupied.

It’s been proven that summer school helps children to be better prepared for the next school season. Children who enroll in summer school, usually have an edge over those who didn’t.

3.Activate their reading habits

If you can’t afford to take them to a summer school, you can get them to read on their own at home. With the social media age, it’s getting more difficult for children to read books.

Get your children books that will enhance their vocabulary and expand their world. Allow your children to gain a vast understanding of the world and different topics through books.

You can have your children set aside half an hour to an hour to read each day. It can be any good book that actually gets the child to read e.g storybooks, educational books, comic books, etc. You can also read to them at bedtime before they go to bed. This, in turn, promotes bonding amongst parents.

4. Visit tourist attractions

Some experts say holidays are good because some children have discovered their talents while on vacation.
The summer holidays, therefore, affords many parents ample time to embark on family adventures and spend quality time with their kids.
You can take them to the museum, the zoo, or any tourist attraction closest to you.
There are quite a number of places of adventure here in Nigeria. You don’t necessarily have to travel out of the country to create memories with your children.

5. Let them learn new Skills

We are in an age ruled by skills, talents, and gifts, therefore, you will be doing your children a lot of good by enrolling them in skill acquisition classes where they can learn how to bake, code, dance, etc.

However, you have to know about their interests and gifts.

Choose an area in which your child displays interest. Ask your children what new skill they would love to acquire, or whether they would like to hone their existing skills over the holiday. If your children seem interested, do not hesitate to sign them up for lessons. It’s a great way to remain engaged and to meet others who share the same interest.