Every Soon To Be Bride Is Bound To Make The Right Choice With These 10 Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding Cake Designs

Many brides erroneously think that the type of cakes they make on their big day is of no importance but, that is so wrong. If cakes did not matter in times past, it sure does now.

Why shouldn’t your wedding cake make  a statement, particularly if you an afford it.

So for the bride who is trying to decide on a cake, we have complied a couple of unique cake designs that are sure to wow your guests.

1. This white beauty of a cake.

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Have a lot of cash at hand and want every bit of your wedding to be outstanding? This cake would complete that desire.

2. This sweet traditional wedding combo cake.

This cake is a statement piece that screams for attention. Yes, you can have it all with this cake.

If you’re a bride to be who is so swamped with so many cake options and your indecisiveness is taking you closer to the edge of being labeled a mean bride, then you should just decide on this cake.

Although it can take quite a lot from your pocket, the priceless look on your guests’ faces and paparazzi fawning over it is usually worth the high cost. It is your wedding day girl! Why have just one when you can have it all.

3. Fountain themed cake

This cake looks like a pretty fountain. I bet your cake would be the talk of town if you decide on this design.

4. Ivory pillowed cake

This cake looks like ivory pillows piled together. The candles by the side and pretty flowers also enhance the look.

5. Vintage themed cake

Of course, you would agree with us that this cake looks sweet. Vintage  themed, this cream and brown fondant cake would speak volumes.

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6. Honeymoon inspired cake

For those who are having a small wedding, this white and pink cake is the bomb. Not only does it look exquisite, we are sure it would be totally delicious.

7. The gan-gan cake

For your traditional wedding, this cake is sure to stand you out.

8. Small but beautiful girly cake

Yes, we are also awed. This beauty looks too good  to be eaten. I am so sure your guests would think the same when they get a view.

9. And this classy piece

This cake reeks of class. It is not too loud but it is beautiful. Want your cake to speak class, get yourself something like this beauty.

10. The black step cake

Now, who says your cake has to be the white? Be unconventional and make this beautiful piece your choice.