5 Reasons Every Naturalista Should Start Using A Microfiber Towel For Her Hair

The microfiber towel is a rather soft and warm towel used for cleaning, but the hair needs it, especially the 4c natural hair. When you use your regular bathing towel to dry your hair after washing, it becomes frizzled and dry.

It’s necessary that you use a microfiber towel for your hair after washing it because it’s better than your regular towel in so many ways.

Here are reasons you should use the microfiber towel to dry your hair:

1. Does not absorb water

microfiber towel natural hair

It holds the water in your hair after you wash it. Instead if being soaked in water like the regular towel, your microfiber towel simply holds the water, allowing it pass through your hair healthily.

2. It’s great for hair treatments

When you have a hair treatment that requires you to wrap your towel around your hair, then the microfiber towel is the best for that. It would make the treatment more effective by allowing it to spread throughout your hair, unlike the regular ones that’ll suck in the treatment.

3. It prevents tangling

microfiber towel natural hair

As smooth as microfiber towels are, they prevent tangling and make the hair toweling a smooth process. It isn’t like the regular towels that have cotton shooting out, which automatically begins to tangle the hair.

4. It cleans your hair properly

If there was by chance any mistake you made while washing your hair, it will ‘tell’ you.

Choose a bright colour of towel so you can easily see the dirt you missed.

5. It lasts longer

microfiber towel natural hair

When you tend to dispose your regular bathing towels, your hair towel will last even longer than when you buy two bathing towels at different times.

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