5 Top Blenders To Look Out For In 2021

It’s so important to have the right home appliances, whether they are large or small, they help you satisfy the different needs we have around the house as well as making life so much more comfortable for us.

Asides from complementing the decor, it helps to prepare your favourite fruit juices, milk shakes and other cocktails. Quickly and easily grind coffee beans, nuts, spices, meat and coconuts.

Here is a list of top blenders to buy in 2021.

1. Binatone Blender BLG 595 | N 19,999

Binatone blenders are a must have kitchen appliance for every home‎‎.‎‎ It is a safe and healthy way of blending and grinding food in the kitchen‎‎.‎‎ It is better than the old and crude way of grinding pepper in our homes‎‎.‎‎ Staying healthy requires that you eat balanced meals‎‎,‎‎ to help you prepare these meals conveniently‎‎;‎‎ you need the right appliances‎‎.‎‎

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2. QASA QBL 1861A Blender | N 10,500

The QASA – The New Generation Qlink Blender QBL-1861A is a pure copper motor blender with premium quality stainless steel blades that easily cut through all kinds of ingredients, spices, pepper and vegetables. The huge 2000ml (2 Litre) jug for blending semi solid and liquid food and fruits is dishwasher safe and the blender offers 350 watts of power output, enough power for smooth delicious results.

User friendly with non-slip base, the QASA 2L Blender QBL-1861A can be used to make smoothies with its pad controls and programming. With 10000-13000 rpm, efficient motor and 4 speed controls to vary the performance, this is a reliable partner in the kitchen for everyone who loves to cook and eat well.

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3. Saisho Blender S-1851 | N 9,600

Saisho S-1851 Blender comes with an easy to use design. It offers high quality stainless steel cutting blades.

Like the Binatone BLG-595 you get a blender and grinder. The blender offers 2 different speed levels to control the whipping motion and velocity of the grinding materials.

When you are done with blending, storage and maintenance of the unit are also accounted for. With an easy-storage, rolling cable, you do not have to fear cuts to your wire.

Working in the blender is a combination of sturdy, steel blades that ensure the highest level of fineness. They are also detachable, allowing for easier cleaning of the overall unit.

While maintaining a low energy consumption level, the blender is also bundled with a circuit breaker that would prevent a burn out of the motor at undesirable operational conditions.

To wrap it all off, the mixer performs both wet and dry grinding while giving off minimal noise.

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4. Master Chef MC-B145 Electric Blender | N 18,500

If you are familiar with the name of the company behind this unit, you will already agree that it could not be a rip-off in any way.

The Master Chef MC-B145 Blender is a highly flexible unit that can be used to grind anything from pepper, ginger, garlic and tomatoes to some other dry materials.

The sharp, sturdy rotating steel blades at the bottom of the jar unit make sure nothing escapes the grind. What makes this blender stand out the most is the presence of two grinding mills.

Four speed levels also give you the option of making a smooth puree of your ingredients (think how good smoothies would come out from this unit) and also, get some ingredients to a fine powder form. It also offers the pulse mode for easy cleaning.

Overall, the unit is capable of holding 1.5 litre of materials at any one time and is rated at a maximum power consumption level of 300W.

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5. VTCL Blender, Mixer & Blender | N 21,500

VTCL mixer and grinder comes attached with a mill that helps to grind and crush. It possesses a one-touch control for easy use. Its ergonomic handle provides comfortable grip whilst pouring, It is an inevitable kitchen tool that every home needs to possess. Its safety system ensures the blender operates only when the goblet and blades are correctly positioned.

It also comes with a profiled pouring spout to prevent dribbling liquid and stainless steel blades for effortless and consistent results. It comes with a liquidizer jar with unbreakable poly carbonate dome. VTCL has a 3 Jar multi-utility advantage. It can easily be cleaned. It has a 180,000 rotation by minute speed. I think that is fast.

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