‘Learning To Love All Of One’s Self Is Such A Grueling Journey But It Must Be Done’ – Abimbola Craig Speaks On Struggles With Body Dysmorphia

Abimbola Craig has shared her struggle with Body Dysmorphia.

The filmmaker revealed the importance of self-love as we all deal with one form of insecurity or the other.


This disorder is characterized by an obsession with a perceived flaw or defect in one’s body.

BDD can be about any part of your body, and contrary to what some may have assumed, perceived fat or flab is only one of many types of BDD fixation.

Google reminded me of this image, taken in 2011 in Dubai. The pictures and videos are from my workout this morning!
I have been staring at them for over 5hrs and all I see are flaws even though there is a significant difference.

This post isn’t about weight gain or weight loss, it’s more about how we see ourselves and how we judge ourselves, especially our bodies.

Learning to love all of one’s self is such a grueling journey but it must be done. As men & women, we deal with insecurities daily, however, the onus is on us to daily make affirmations & promises to love ourselves regardless of and to seek help if needed to get over them.

I don’t think we have enough honest and enlightening conversations about body positivity, health living & wellness lifestyle.

Sending love & light to everyone dealing and struggling to love on themselves.

You are beautifully & wonderfully made


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