5 Ways You Can Command Respect At Work Without Being Aggressive

Every woman deserves to be respected by all especially for the roles they take in life. Some women think you have to enforce respect or authority on people before they respect you. Well, that’s a No!

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You can be respected without being hostile or rude towards people. This post is here to show you how to command respect without being aggressive.

1. Believe In Your Abilities

You need to believe in your abilities for people to believe in you and you can only do this by contributing to whatever you’re involved in. When you have an idea about an issue at work or anywhere, speak up.

When you have a solution, implement it immediately. Don’t ramble and make statements that sound like questions. Once people see you unsure or doubtful of yourself, they will doubt your abilities too and lose respect for you.

2.Respect Yourself

Learn to respect yourself by taking pride in your success and your achievements and not downplaying it to soothe other people’s egos. When you get commended at work, enjoy it. You worked for it so you deserve it.

3.Dress As You Would Want To Be Addressed

This is not just a cliché, it does work very well. Your hair, makeup, dress, and shoes should speak class and power.

So always take your time to carefully pick out what you wear and make sure it looks impeccable. Avoid extremely short skirts and dresses at work. You can bring out your sexy side without looking indecent.

4. Avoid Sexual Relationships At Work

The saying “don’t crap where you eat” was implemented for a reason like this. Having sexual relationships or flirting with co-workers at work causes disrespect.

This is what happens when someone feels they can talk to you anyhow because they’ve seen you naked. Avoid sexual relationships with your colleagues at all cost and you’ll retain your respect.

5.Apologize Only When You’re Wrong

Don’t find yourself apologizing to people just to soothe them or make them feel better about something when you haven’t done anything wrong. Apologize only when you are wrong and do it sincerely but firmly. Constant apologies come off as weakness so avoid doing things you know you’ll eventually apologize for.



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