Meet The Nigerian Who Tied Beyonce’s Gele In Her ‘Black Is King’ Album

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Beyonce’s Black is King is still getting a lot of admiration, especially from Africans and Nigerians.

The 38-singer was able to infuse a lot of African culture and afro vibes especially with her choice of style and dance ‘Zanku’.

Quite interesting is the fact that it was a Nigerian woman who goes by the name Azeezat Abiola Amusat that tied Beyonce’s gele and those of the other models in the album.

The first child in a family of seven, Azeezat had her secondary school education in both Police Children School in Ikeja and Lagos State Model College, Badore, before she bagged her degree in Philosophy from Lagos State University.

She worked in the military as a physiologist after she did her one year National Youth Service Corps in Kaduna.

Luck came her way in 2008 when she won a US visa lottery. She worked as a caregiver before she proceeded to a nursing school.

Azeezat’s journey into makeup began in 2013 when she met a friend who had just arrived in America to give birth.

During one of their conversations, she learned that the lady has a school where she trains people on how to tie Gele and makeup in Nigeria.

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She soon started learning even though she had 2 jobs as of the time of learning.

Azeezat who is a big personality in the fashion industry has won several awards and was once recognized by Google.

She once exhibited her artwork GELE with UCLA Museum and it was also exhibited in New York Broadway.