This Actress Decision To Raise Funds For A Little Boy With Brain Tumor Is Trending

Nigerian actress Bayray McNwinzu is taking a stand for a worthy course. The 2009 Amstel Malta Box Office star has called on her industry colleagues to come to the aid of a young boy who needs surgery for a brain tumor.

The little boy named, Poopola Caleb was diagnosed with a large Brainstem glioma with mild hydrocephalus and needs the sum of 10 million naira to get his surgery done in India.

The actress who later granted an interview concerning the reason why she decided to take up the challenge of raising the additional 4 million to the 6 million the little boy’s family already has said, “This is just a way for me to help someone in need. Each time I find myself in a position to do something positive or to put a smile on someone’s face I do not take the opportunity lightly because, you do not know what the future holds.”

Bayray has taken to using her Instagram page to raise awareness concerning Caleb’s plight and hopes the general public will assist his family as well.

So far they have a total of 6.5 million raised.