7 Beauty Benefits Of Using Ice Cubes For The Face

Taking care of the skin is an important part of every woman ‘s beauty routine and there are different natural techniques used to improve the skin appearance and keep it in good form.

One of such methods is ice facial or skin icing. As the name suggests, it is done by applying ice on the face or skin.

It is easy to make and you can also add skin-friendly ingredients to the ice cubes to better improve your skin health.

How to use

Take four or five ice cubes from the ice trays and put them in a soft cotton cloth. Roll the ends, and use the covered ice cubes to massage your face gently. When applying it to your face, move the ice in gentle circular motions for a minute or two. You can use it on your forehead, cheeks, jawline, nose, chin, and around the lips.

1. Reduces puffy eyes  and dark circles

Puffy eyes may occur as a result of various reasons, but the most common causes are lack of sleep, stress and eye strain. Ice is effective for reducing swellings and thus makes these swollen bags disappear quickly.

For quick relief, apply ice on the affected areas to get your eyes back in shape. Place a few ice cubes in a soft cloth. Dab the cloth on your puffy eyes and in the general area. When you start this process, move the cloth from the inner corner of your eye to the eyebrow, which involves a circular motion. Consider performing this technique with iced coffee cubes as the properties in caffeine help to get rid of the bags under your eyes.

You can also dip some cotton balls or eye pads in iced water for a few seconds, squeeze them and place them on your eyelids.

2. Promotes glowing skin

The application of ice on the face improves blood circulation to your skin and makes it bright. It also improves oxygen level in the skin and supplies essential nutrients, vitamins.

Additionally, rubbing an ice cube on the face also helps increase the absorption of your skincare products due to the restriction of capillaries.

3. Reduces acne and blemishes

Ice is known to be anti-inflammatory which helps reduces and heal acne. It calms and soothes inflamed skin and minimizes the size of your pores. It also reduces the excess sebum production that is the main culprit behind acne.

When a pimple develops on your face, using a skin icing technique on the pimple can stop it from growing any larger.  The icing will slow down the inflammation of the pimple and reduce its size.

Using the technique, try and hold an ice cube on the pimple for a few seconds, or till the time it begins to feel numb. Remember that pimples are full of bacteria so refrain from using the same ice cube or cloth over other areas on the face after using it directly on a pimple. The freezing temperature of the ice restricts your blood flow, which reduces swelling and relieves your pain.

4. Decreases the signs of aging

As a woman ages, wrinkles invariably develop on the face.

A simple technique like ice therapy is able to reduce the signs of aging and provide you with a more youthful look. If you want a more rapid solution that can be applied at much more regular intervals, consider ice therapy.

The best results can be obtained by using ice cubes that are made from lavender oil or rose water on your face every night before going to bed. This technique will reduce the possibility that wrinkles develop and will help to tighten your skin. After using skin icing for a couple of weeks, you should notice that your skin has a more youthful appearance.

5. Treats sunburns

If your skin feels itchy and inflamed due to excessive sun exposure, allergies, rashes, rubbing an ice cube on the affected area can calm your skin. It is a great way to constrict the blood vessels and soothe the inflammation and discomfort in no time. Icing is one of the quickest and most effective remedies to heal sunburns.

For best results, use cubes made of aloe vera gel. Aloe has a lasting cooling effect on the skin, and combined with the ice it will work effectively

6. Exfoliates the skin 

Ice according to dermatologists is the best natural product to exfoliate the skin. Rub your face with milk ice cubes for best results. Milk contains lactic acid that helps in clearing all the dead skin cells, while the ice cube improves your radiance and natural glow.

7. Soften the lips

Ice can control the inflammation and pain associated with chapped lips. Icing your lip, along with consuming adequate water, keeps your skin moisturized and soft.

Here are some recommended tips to achieve best results.

  1. Use a dedicated ice tray for the cubes you’ll be using for your face to prevent germs and bacteria. Clean it after each use.
  2. Always wash your face before icing.
  3. Keep a clean washcloth or tissue handy to wipe excess liquid that might drip from your face.
  4. Use a cloth or some other barrier between the ice and your skin. This will protect your hands and face.
  5. Using ice cubes directly on the skin is not really advised as it might harm the skin. Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can result in ice burn.
  6. The ice should not be applied over the same region for more than 15 minutes at one time.
  7. Once you are done icing your skin, let the moisture dry off naturally from the skin surface.
  8. If you wear a lot of makeup every day, ice your skin in the morning before applying the makeup
  9. Set a regular (perhaps daily) routine for icing your face.

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