5 Reasons Why You Should Use Start Using Your Fingers To Apply Makeup

Never tried it before? Well your fingers can be your personal brush set, if you use them properly. It’s not every time that your brush will get to a particular place that you want.

Fingers are also good for applying makeups like lipstick, foundation, creme, primer and eye shadows.

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Try using your finger more because of these 5 benefits.

1.It Gives You More Perceptive

Your fingers are much more perceptive than a brush will ever be, which makes for a more sensitive, intuitive approach to applying your cosmetics. Fingers can truly sense where skin requires additional care, and can truly identify where skin feels drier or normal, or identify to the touch where skin is most textured.

2. It’s Easy To Use

The warmth from your hands works with everything from lipstick to foundation to eye shadow to make them even creamier and easier to apply.

3. More Freedom To Try Different Things

When you’re working with your hands, you have a lot of control and freedom to try different things, so you can really experiment with your products.

4. Gives A More Natural Look

It just gives your makeup a really raw and natural beauty, rather than looking perfected, or like you have product sitting on your skin. Taking your cosmetic routine tool-less is worth a try if you’re into a more natural look and a simpler approach.

5. It’s Safer

If your tools are not clean, you can likely get rashes from using them. When you use your fingers (clean fingers) you can avoid that. It is much safer to use your fingers for applying your makeup, especially when you have to share. So add your fingers to your make up tool.