5 Trending Bridal Shower Themes You Should Know

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Trends are popping up for bridal showers, everyone is stepping up their game and you don’t want to be left out. It is one of the few agreed upon duties of being a bridesmaid– you are expected to throw a party for the bride!

Whether it’s a traditional bridal shower, an adventurous bachelorette party or a little bit of both, as a bridesmaid it’s considered your duty to give the bride an event she’ll remember and treasure for a long time.

Because we know that balancing the needs of the bride, her guests, and your pocket can be tricky, we have some beautiful ideas for you to put on a great bridal shower that really wouldn’t cost so much.

1.Pyjamas Bridal Shower

Nothing is as intimate as a bridal “sleepover”. Traditionally it takes place in the best lady’s house, but if this is not possible, any other cozy any other conducive free house will do!

Take along your sexiest PJs and put together some fantastic activities like games, outrageous music and movies. Shower the bride with great “bed and bath” gifts, sexy lingerie to wear during her honeymoon, beautiful underwear and naughty ideas to put into practice during their intimate time.

This idea is great if the bridal shower is during the cooler season of the year or even a rainy day. It’s also great if you all are on a budget and cannot afford to spend huge amount of money on a shower but still want to have loads of fun.

Not only will this be a great idea for a bridal theme, it would forever be on everyone’s mind.

2.Celebrity Themed Shower

This kind of shower is very exciting and it can be fun to plan and eventually execute. You can make the bride-to-be a movie star for just one night.

Dress her up in a dazzling gown, buy some champagne and order a nice car, you can borrow a friend’s car too. And then, the bridesmaids and other guests can celebrate this amazing night for your girlfriend in style!

Of course this option is a little more expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s a guaranteed crazy special night! The best idea is to dress up the bride as her favorite movie star or Celebrity.

3. Ankara Themed Bridal Shower


This bridal theme is fun, beautiful and stress-free. The perfect Ankara would make this shower successful or contribute to its failure, so it is important to get a great fabric.

Huggies Nappy Pants

The participants in the shower get at least 2 yard each of the material. They are either mandated to make a specific style(like a top and bum short) or they can make anything they like.

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The bride too gets to wear a dress made from the beautiful Ankara. This bridal theme promises great photos and everlasting memories.

4.Cinderella Inspired Theme

Yes!  This can definitely be done. Apart from the fact that every girl wants to be a fairy tale princess, it is super fun. The success of this theme is hinged on the costume (dress, makeup and jewelry) T

he bride is supposed to be dressed up in very beautiful evening gown, hair nicely packed and with the appropriate makeup. The bridesmaids and other guests wear nice evening dresses too. If well planned, this is one of the most striking themes ever.

5.Vintage Themed Bridal Shower


Who doesn’t love vintage?  They have been the newest fashion trend in recent times and the vintage is definitely staying. For a bridal shower, the bride and her friends would be decked in very nice vintage tops or dresses, whichever they decide to go with.

This would be worn with boots, heels and sneakers. Hairs nicely packed, makeup done and it’s a hit.

There are many more themes. All that is needed is a little creativity and determination. Here you have it ladies, if perhaps you need a few more tips, kindly leave a comment.