5 Side Effects Of Carrots Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Carrots are common vegetables that can also serve as snacks and it’s loved by everyone because it’s crunchy feel. It’s also a common ingredient in soups, stews, salads, and slaws. Carrots contain high levels of beta carotene, which gets converted into Vitamin A in the body. But, do you know about the side effects of carrots? Yeah! there are side effects of carrots.

Although a carrot-rich diet has its benefits, eating copious amounts of the bright orange vegetable can cause some unwelcome side effects.

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1.Causes Carotenemia

Carrots are the leading source of beta carotene which is one of a few carotenoids that your body converts to Vitamin A.  Eating large quantities of carrots doesn’t put you at risk of vitamin A overload. However, having large amounts of carotene in your blood can cause Carotenemia which is a yellowish discoloration of the skin.

2. It Can Lead To Allergic Reactions

There are few individuals who are hypersensitive to the carrot. Some common side effects among such people are skin rashes, diarrhea, anaphylactic reactions, hives, and swelling. Such allergies are caused due to the allergen present in carrot pollen.

3. High In Sugar Contents

Consuming carrots is not a good option for diabetic people. They have high sugar content with a glycaemic index of 97. The sugar gets converted into glucose and raises sugar levels in the body quickly. It is best for diabetic people to consume steamed carrots in small amounts.

4. Changes Flavor Of Breast Milk

Carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are very important for the body. But studies have proven that carrot changes the flavor of breast milk. So breastfeeding women should avoid drinking carrot juice in excess.

5.Unsafe For Infants

Some studies prove that carrots are unsafe for small children. That is why it is important to feed young babies only small portions of carrot.

Below is a video that shows you more side effects of carrots.