anthrax outbreak in nigeria

Here’s All You Need To Know About Anthrax As First Case In Nigeria Is Confirmed

The Federal Government on Monday, July 17, 2023 announced the outbreak of Anthrax in the country. This news comes a few weeks after the FG warned against the consumption of hides (ponmo) as well as smoked and bush meat. This was contained in a statement with the subject ‘CONFIRMATION OF FIRST ANTHRAX CASE IN NIGERIA’, signed by the Permanent Secretary, …

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Snake Tomato

8 Health Benefits Of Snake Tomato (Elejo Tomato)

Snake tomato (Trichosanthes cucumerina) is a tropical vine plant grown for its tasty fruits and leaves. It is a member of the cucumber family and is called by many names in different parts of the world including serpent gourd, snake gourd, pointed gourd, snake squash etc. Called “Elejo tomato” in Nigeria, it is mainly found in the states of Lagos, …

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Best Healthy Oils For Cooking

6 Best Healthy Oils Perfect For Cooking

Cooking oils play an important part in the overall cooking experiences in the culinary world. They are an essential staple in many of our favorite dishes, from salad dressing to sautéing, roasting, or frying meals. Choosing the best cooking oil can be a difficult task as a result of the many available options therefore understanding the properties and benefits of the …

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Questions before surgery

8 Vital Questions You Need To Ask Your Doctor Before A Major Surgery

Undergoing surgery at one point in your life is almost inevitable. Because of the risks involved with surgery, it’s important to understand them before deciding whether the procedure is appropriate for you especially if it’s not an emergency one. It’s very important to ask your doctor questions about your surgery so you can understand the procedures and put your mind …

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Regular Sex Benefits To Women

3 Interesting Things Having Sex Regularly Does To A Woman

Healthy sex boosts our healthy life but this boost doesn’t work most times for casual sex or one-night stands. Sex is better enjoyed when it is pleasurable and with the right person. Sex helps to lower levels of happiness and self-esteem, and higher levels of depression and anxiety. 5 Best Sex Positions For The Woman Who Wants Extreme Sexual Satisfaction …

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kegel exercises for women

These Are The Best Kegel Exercises For Strengthening Your Pelvis

Kegel exercises are essential for women due to the effect it shows on a woman’s body. When doing Kegel exercises, you have to involve your pelvic and master floor work. These exercises are great for women in order to help them reduce belly fat and have stronger cores. The kegel exercises will make it easier for you to perform certain …

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5 Ways To Use Baking Soda To Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the ways to leave and bad and lasting impression on someone else, it’s a plague that can make everyone avoid you. Every impression starts with a conversation, that’s the reason you need to avoid or get rid of bad breath as soon as possible. We understand that the earlier you fix this problem, the better for …

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best period pants amazon

6 Of The Best Period Pants That Will Leave You Dry And Leakage Free

Period pants have been available for several decades but did not become commercially available until the 1980s. However, they have recently gained popularity as more women seek sustainable and comfortable alternatives to standard menstrual products. Since then, period pants have grown in popularity, with an increasing number of brands offering a variety of styles and absorbencies to accommodate a wide …

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Types Of Headaches Women

5 Types Of Headaches Every Woman Needs To Know About

Research has shown that headaches are more common in women than men. This is largely due to fluctuating hormone levels because as our hormones change, certain chemicals in the brain rise and fall with it. This doesn’t mean that headaches are solely caused by hormones or that it is only women who suffer from them. Social and economic factors such …

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7 Medical Tests Every Sexually Active Woman Should Do Regularly

    Shame should not come with going to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, but with the kind of society we operate in, it often does. However, this should not stop you from making sure that you have not contracted any diseases that could impair your life in the future. It is important to get tested regularly to avoid …

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