[VIDEO] Nigerian Lady Who Survived Coronavirus Despite Suffering From 3 Other Health Conditions Speaks

A Nigerian lady has revealed how she survived COVID-19 despite having three other health conditions.

Danielle Jinadu based in the UK suffers from sickle cell anemia, inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis tendencies which made her a high-risk patient.

I have 3 chronic health conditions and I am a Covid-19 Survivor.I contracted Corona Virus in early March. From where? I don’t know. But I can guess. From who? I have no clue. But from about March the 10th (before the 12-week isolation period for the ‘shielding category’ was formed) I have been in and out of hospital, inundated with an overwhelming number of symptoms. At first, I didn’t know what was going on with me. I just remember that I kept telling my mum; something was really wrong with me, but I didn’t know what. It was like my body was trying to tell me something. I just didn’t understand it.
The journey between those moments and now has been a really challenging one. And I hope to write about it more at some point, maybe through an article or blogpost. But this post isn’t really about that particular journey. This is more about a journey with self.
This is actually a thank you note, to my body.
As someone born with a chronic illness, dealing with its challenges from the age of five, at times throughout my life I have seen my body as a burden – to both others and myself. Something that prevented me from having a lot of things and experiences.
But today, I want to publicly apologise and say thank you. Thank you for fighting for me everyday, fighting infection, fighting diseases, FIGHTING COVID-19 and THRASHING IT. Protecting my heart and mind. I should say this more often, but I really appreciate you. You have never given up on me, so I won’t give up on you.
As I get older, I’m starting to see this little disabled body of mine as a really good friend rather than an enemy. Together we are forging new heights. Battling new challenges, taking on greater giants and breaking huge barriers.
This pandemic is a really challenging time for many of us. But I hope we will leave it stronger than we were when we entered it. And I have often found that doesn’t mean leaving without a scar or two. Wishing you all the best 🤍🤍🤍

BBC News had an interview with her recently about her experience, Watch below

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