7 Things You Can Do To Make Money After NYSC


The compulsory 1-year National Youth Service is over and now it’s time to move on to the next phase of life.

For some people, it’s the time to further their education while for others it’s time to join the labor market struggles.

It is not news that finding a good job in Nigeria can be quite challenging. How then can one who just finished their NYSC keep busy while job hunting?

The good thing is that during the 12 months compulsory National Youth Service, corp members are encouraged to participate in the Skills acquisition programme (SAED) so as to have something to fall back on after the service year.

These skills are not necessarily handcraft.

Here are 7 things you can do to keep busy after your service year

1. Freelance writing

things to do after nysc

If your strength lies in writing then this job is for you as many blogs and websites in need of writers keep springing up. Sign up on sites like Fiverr and Upwork to connect with clients who would need your services.

2. Home Tutor

jobs to do after nysc

If you are good at teaching then this is a perfect job for you. Pick a subject you excel at and find parents whose kids need a tutor. Also, advertise yourself on social media and sign up to Tutorial agencies like Prep class and City Tutors to hasten the process.

3. Photography

If photography was a part of your SAED programme and you definitely love it then why not make a hobby a business opportunity? It might be expensive to get a camera but it’s definitely a great investment.

4. Catering

Everyone certainly needs to it and if cooking and making of pastries is what you are good at then go for it and make some money off your talent.

5. Beadmaking Business

Beadmaking is a huge part of SAED programmes nationwide and if you participated in this you should definitely make the best of it as it is quite a lucrative business.

6.  Second-hand clothing business

Tips For Starting A Second-hand Business In Nigeria

The second-hand goods sector keeps booming everyday and social media is a great platform to set up one. Many Instagram accounts now retail second-hand goods online and calls them Thrift Stores. This is one business that is easy to set up with little capital

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7. Leatherworks and Ankara  crafts

The Ankara crafts and leather work industry is also a great place to venture into. Many SAED programmes offer the opportunity to learn this skill and this is something that can be used to keep busy and as a source of income after NYSC.