7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Mother-In-Law

You shouldn’t say some things to your mother-in-law and this article highlights that.

The fact that some ladies experience a difficult relationship with their mothers-in-law is no secret.

To avoid some pitfalls, you may want to learn to bite your tongue. No matter how ill-behaved she is, she is the mother of the man you love and deserves respect for that reason.

While speaking up and establishing boundaries is encouraged, there are times when speaking your mind just isn’t worth the fallout.

Here are 7 things you may want to avoid saying if you’re hoping to have a good relationship with your mother-in-law:

1. You don’t like her advice or her gift

Some Mothers-In-Law can be obsessive and believe they know what’s best for you and your partner. Maybe she is advising you on something that isn’t a bad thing but you may not like it.

Some can go as far as buying things for you both but never tell her that the gift she chose and brought with so much effort did not find your taste. Simply accept it, it is not necessary to use it. By simply accepting it you are not just making her happy but also making an impression of being the best daughter-in-law.

2. Telling her your husband is not her little boy anymore

Even if this statement is said jokingly, it might always be misinterpreted. Your fiance may have a new lady in his life, but as far as his mother is concerned, he will always be her little boy. Just leave it.

3. Telling her not to interfere in your marriage

Telling her off bluntly is never the best way. She’s a parent and would always think good for your and her son. You might not second her opinion at times, but it’s all up to you to agree with her or do your own. But never tell her not to advise or suggest anything, this would be hurtful.

4. How you are a better cook

You could be the best cook in the world, and your mother-in-law can never beat you at it. But nobody likes to be compared. Whenever you visit her, say you’re fasting or dieting if you don’t want to eat if she cooks, but never compare her cooking with yours.

5. Saying you know her son better

This is the worst thing to tell her since she is your partner’s mother and she would claim that no one on earth knows him better than her. This will simply create a big fight about how you are trying to replace her and brainwash her son to listen to you and not her.

6. Calling her a witch

In this part of the world, it is easier to blame the Mother-in-law for everything that goes wrong in your family but do not call your mother-in-law – a witch or anybody’s mother for that matter. Instead, go down on your knees and pray if you believe she is diabolical.

7. Telling her never to come to visit the house again

Every mother hates these words with passion. They hate when the wives give them ultimatum not to see their sons whenever they want to. They feel it’s their right to know everything about their sons’ lives but don’t want you to have the same right.


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