Left For Dead With 7 Broken Ribs, Collapsed Lungs And Nearly Severed Tongue, Ebony Canion Is The Real Definition Of A Survivor

Ebony canion survival sstory

American woman, Ebony Canion has shared her story about how in 2012 she was run over by a woman on purpose and dragged under her car and dragged for almost 200ft with her lifeless body released from up under the car leaving her with multiple injuries.

She was left in a coma with a broken leg, pelvis,and dislocated spine,7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, my face, forehead, and her side burned, and stitched up, her tongue nearly severed, 3 teeth missing, the skin on her back burned off, and a fractured shoulder and jaw.

Amazingly, Ebony almost looks nothing like what she has been through.Though she was left to die, 5 years later, she is alive and doing well.

Over the weekend, she received the Impact Award at the Resilient Beauty 4th Annual Celebrity Masquerade Ball. She has also gone on to author a  book.

Here is the post she shared on her Instagram page

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#REPOST #tbt for my new supporters that are asking my story. Swipe ⬅️ Hi my name is Ebony @survival_story Canion and in 2012 I was ran over by a female on purpose. I was dragged under her car folded up for almost 200ft,which then the car turned the corner and my lifeless body was released from up under the car. I suffered multiple injuries. I was in a coma for almost 2 months & in the hospital for 4 months. I am a widow of four children 3 of whose father (my husband)was killed in a car accident. I suffered multiple injuries. I had a broken leg, pelvis,and dislocated spine(which all have screws and rods in them) 7broken ribs,a collapsed lung,my left side of my face was ripped up. My tongue was nearly severed, I lost 3 teeth,the skin on my back was burned off (road burn) so I needed a skin graph,a fractured shoulder and jaw and a small amount of blood on my brain and many scars from head to toe. My family was told that I may not make it, and if I did I may never walk again..may be in a vegetive state,may be paralyzed. But God had other plans!! I am not paralyzed, I can’t fully feel my feet YET & I am walking with the aid of a cane..but I am alive and God has his hands on me & I am living proof that God is far too good & he is still performing miracles! Not only did I survive this night..but I have survived so much in my lifetime, and I’ve decided to put my testimony and my story of survival in a book titled “Left For Dead” in hopes to inspire and encourage you! You can get your SIGNED copy of my book by clicking the LINK In my BIO www.survivalstorytees.bigcartel.com God Bless & I hope my story gives you the inspiration you may need to never give up! #EbonyCanion #LeftForDead #butGod #prayerworks

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The survivor also shared a picture of her back on Instagram

#tbt #REPOST (someone needs to see & read this today) This is a picture of my back. I am literally scarred from head to toe, and I will not be ashamed of not one of my scars, nor of who I am. You may look at this picture of my back and feel sorry for me and you may not see the beauty in it… and that’s ok. But I must tell you that this picture screams a story of SURVIVAL, FAITH, and a story of COURAGE. So please don’t feel sorry for me..because I don’t feel sorry for myself. There’s so much beauty in this picture and it starts with the life that’s still in my body. My scars tell a story that MUST BE HEARD, and a story that is going to help a lot of people love themselves for who they are. God Bless loves and I pray that my transparency and ability to love and accept who I am, gives you the courage and the ability to do the same. It’s ok to be different. #LeftForDead #EbonyCanion

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She has told her followers several times not to feel sorry for her because she doesn’t feel sorry for herself.  She also said that her scars tell a story she knows must be heard.

See a photo of Ebony now

Ebony Canion Survival Story