tips for brides who wear glasses

Are You A Bride To Be Who Wears Glasses? Here Are 6 Beauty Tips To Consider

tips for brides who wear glasses

Most women who wear glasses on a daily basis probably won’t want to wear them on their wedding day. But sometimes, this is inevitable and if the glasses are such a part of the bride’s personality, it’s hard to imagine her without them.

In one word, a bride in glasses is one cool lady, and here are some tips on how to get the most out of the look.

1. Treat your glasses like another piece of jewellery

The only people who don’t understand the appeal of glasses are little children. But today a stylish set of frames can make your friends and family sigh with envy.

So make your glasses a real feature on your wedding day. Treat yourself to a brand new frame to perfectly complement your dress, or grab a real statement piece for an infusion of colour. Or, how about white frames to go with your dress?

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2. Try out your glasses with a veil

Some frames have sharp corners, embellishments, or decorations that could catch your veil and pull out the thread. Make sure to try on your veil and glasses together to test for any potential problems.

Even better, fashion a play veil out of some under material and try your glasses with that. Your real veil will thank you and there should be no danger of getting anything caught in your glasses.

3. Bring your glasses to the wedding

This one is for the brides who don’t wear contacts,  always keep your glasses handy. On the day itself, you may cry, you may get something in your eye, or you could simply develop a reaction due to anxiety. Red, puffy eyes aren’t a good look on anyone, so make sure to bring your glasses as a backup in case any of these happens.

4. Have some wedding pictures taken without the glasses

Just to fun things up a little, you know? You’ll look gorgeous with or without them (thanks to your lovely makeup) and by taking pictures without your glasses, you’ll have some lovely variety in your photos. If your other half wears glasses too, you could both take them off for some pictures.

5. Choose a neutral eyeshadow

Eyeshadow depends on the frames you’ve chosen – it can sometimes get lost behind the frames, or the opposite. The answer for most is to go neutral! Natural eyeshadows look fabulous with thin and thick eyeliner. And for a silent pop of colour, add a shimmer to the bottom lash line to draw more attention to the eyes.

6. Eyeliner is a must!

Eyeliner is a definite yes – as already mentioned but how to wear it and look fabulous? Let the frames be your guide – you can’t go wrong with thin eyeliner for thin frames, and thick eyeliner for thick ones.

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