4 Eyelashes Mistakes You Should Stop Making Immediately

Yes, we know that eyelashes are becoming – or have become the beauty trend these days. Moreso, strip lashes are far easier and faster to fix, which is why more women are embracing it.

However, there are mistakes you make when you fix it and you should stop it. We are here to help you with that.

This Medical Doctor Thinks Women Should Stop Fixing Eyelashes For This Interesting Reason

Here are some mistakes to avoid making

1. Carefully measure the extensions to fit the length of the lid.

2. Use a professional that knows how to fix the extensions.

3. Chose a natural look of this beauty accessory and you are good to go, without the hassle of extra makeup.

4. Do not use substandard products. They give a droopy and dull look. Use human hair lash extensions.

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