3 Eyeliner Hacks You Should Know To Improve Your Makeup Game


You may surely have problems using your eyeliner, but you just want to be perfect.

The truth is, perfect is overrated. Just get over with it and do some simple tricks with the eyeliner to actually give you the perfect look.

If you love the eyeliner so much, and you really want to learn how to use it, it doesn’t stop you from practising these hacks.

You would even learn how to use the eyeliner perfectly with these hacks.

Here are 3 eyeliner hacks you should try:

1. Winged Eyeliner Hack

You can use a paper tape or a plaster for this hack.

It stays on your face, and you are able to just use the eyeliner to shapen the area.

2. Bobby Pin Eyeliner Hack

Paint the bobby pin with your black eyeliner. You can also do this with a black bobby pin.

Press the two separate parts of the bobby pin on the area that you want to use the eyeliner.

The lines would help you trace the shape. It’s just like basic colouring for kids.

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3. The Eye pencil and Eye shadow tricks

With these eyeliner hacks, you get to use your other makeup tools to shape that perfect eyeliner.

You could simply use your eye pencil alone and make it look like an eyeliner, or you could use the eye pencil and trace the shape with your eyeliner.

This video will show you more makeup tools you can use for this.