7 Foods To Avoid Taking During Your Period

foods to avoid period pain


Every woman understands that periods can be a nightmare. At that time of the month, your period pretty much controls your decisions. You can’t wear certain clothes, engage in some activities and eat some type of foods.

For some women, it is worse because they experience severe period pain, mood swings and food cravings.

Nutritionists have advised that women should avoid certain foods and drinks during their period especially when they experience severe period pain.

Here are  7 foods you should avoid taking during your period to prevent pain.

1. Coffee

When women lose blood during their period, they’re also losing iron which is why many ladies feel tired and exhausted.

foods to avoid period pain

Consuming Coffee at this time would not be the best as caffeine causes blood vessels to constrict which in turn brings on severe period pain.

2. Alchohol

foods to avoid period pain

Consuming alcohol during your period can slow bowel movements, which in turn would make you feel heavy and bloated. It’s advisable to take large amounts of water rather than alcohol to improve bowel movement.

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3.  Fried Foods

foods to avoid period pain


Fried foods contain a lot of fat and these have a strong effect on hormone activity in the body. Consuming these kinds of foods can contribute to period pain and bloating.

4. Sugary foods

Your sugar levels are really high during your period so consuming sugary foods like cookies, cakes and other pastries is the perfect recipe for cramps and mood swings.

foods to avoid period pain

If you’re having cravings for something sweet try eating fruits that contain natural sugars like bananas, pineapples and dates.

5. Dairy Products

foods to avoid period pain

The fats found in meats and dairy products are saturated. These saturated fats can cause and worsen pain during your period so it’s best to stay clear of them.

6. Carbonated Drinks

foods to avoid period pain

Carbonated or soft drinks have high sugar content which can increase period cramps. Take water instead of sugary drinks.

7.Canned Foods

foods to avoid period pain

Eating canned foods can cause a drastic spike and drop in blood sugar because their nutrients have been removed. This, in turn, leads to bloating and unnecessary food cravings.


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