Gabrielle Union Writes The Sweetest Message To Daughter, Kaavia James On Her First Birthday

Hollywood actress, Gabrielle Union is an excited and happy mother as she celebrates the first birthday of her daughter, Kaavia James.

Union welcomed Kaavia on November 8, 2018, after her prior battles with miscarriages and infertility.

Union took to Instagram to share an emotional video that encompasses her birth till this present moment.


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Scared to hold you. Scared to burp you. Scared to reveal I have no clue what I’m doing. Scared to go to work. Scared to stay home. Scared when you sleep. Scared when you wake up. Scared I’m not living up to some impossible standard of motherhood. Scared I’d lose myself. Scared I’d be exposed as a failure, as less than, not as good as, not as comfortable as, not as… anything. But there you were, everyday, looking up at me, like “gurl, you got this!” When I let go of my fears of judgement and just did my best and recognized that my best would and could change from day to day and life would magically go on… Man, I finally allowed myself to just enjoy you @kaaviajames and relax into the peace of imperfection. 1 year in and your whole village stays smiling. The family you know and all the cyber aunties and uncles you may never meet, we celebrate you.

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