Media Personality, Gbemi Olateru Has Been Trending Online For Her Tweets About Marriage

Media personality, Gbemi Olateru has been trending online after her tweets on marriage went viral. Lots of individuals have keyed into the conversation and have left their thoughts on her tweets.

This Tweet About Marriage Being Unfair To Women Is Trending Online And This Is Why

She said: “Our generation has a lot of work to do. We need to understand that being a good wife /Mom goes beyond cooking great meals and having a low body count. Being a good husband /Dad doesn’t just stop at being able to provide. There’s so much more.

Let’s say your father was a great provider – He paid for EVERYTHING – it still doesn’t make him a great father. What if he used his money to bully you , your siblings or your mom into doing the things that HE WANTED?”

We have the tweets below