‘I Pray Today That Laughter Shall Return In Your Heart’- Actress Georgina Onuoha Lends Support To May Edochie

Actress Georgina Onuoha has continued to lend her support to May Edochie over the death of her first son, Kambilichukwu in March 2023.

Since the tragedy, Onuoha had shown her support for May. In a post on Instagram, she called for prayers for the grieving mother who said was dealing with principalities and powers.

She wrote: My dearest May @mayyuledochie Today I lift you up in prayers.

I want you to know that a host of people are praying for you; for one with God is majority. 

The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but those who place their trust in God will always triumph.

As you continue to mourn the loss of your beloved son, a pain only you his mother can understand. I pray our Heavenly Father will continue to uphold you and your children in his loving care.

I decree God’s protection over you and your household. I join God’s children in saying that every tongue that shall and is rising against you in judgment be condemned.

Every thief that has come to destroy will perish in their sin. May they be caught in their own net and web of sin and shame.

May God keep away from you every scarlet woman and anyone and everyone aiding and abetting them. May shame and reproach be their portion.

God can not be mocked. God said that a man’s enemy are those of his household, may God drive far away from you every agent of the devil. We condemn every familiar spirit used as a connection to get to you and your children.

May everyone plotting sorrow and pain towards you be struck down by God’s wrath.

As you mourn the loss of your son, may anyone mocking your pain bury their children. May strangers never be kind to them. May affliction beyond imagination fall upon them. May tears be the food they eat and the pillow they lay their hands. God can not be mocked.

May suffering, pain, tears, and sorrow be the portion of anyone mocking you at this vulnerable moment in your life.

We have seen God’s goodness and glory and he never fails. Keep hanging unto your creator who is the author and finisher of your faith.

Do not fret for one with God is majority. The Egyptian you see today shall be no more. Indeed evil has an expiring date.Our God is slow to anger yet he is the God of Justice.

I pray today that laughter shall return in your heart and lips and you shall continue to praise the one and true God whose grace has brought you this far in Jesus mighty name Amen.

Please my dearest Ginafam say a prayer for my sister for we are dealing with power and principalities as well as wickedness in high places.

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