Harmattan Season Is Here! Follow These Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

Harmattan season is almost here! You know it’s the season when your skin experiences the harshest condition. For you to maintain a flawless skin during this period, you sure have to work for it.

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Whilst there is little we can do about the weather outside, there is a lot we can do to protect our skin. We have carefully highlighted the secrets to keeping your soft and flawless throughout this period.

Have a look!

1.Stay Hydrated

Due to the rate of the weather’s humidity, you would some dry sensation on your skin and throat. Make sure you drink a lot of water during this season. This is one of the secrets that would help your skin stay smooth during harmattan. Always a bottle of water with you whenever you are out.

2.Do Not Skip Moisturizing

Some people escape moisturizing on a daily basis but when it’s harmattan season, don’t even try that. Though It’s absolutely necessary to always moisturize the skin, it’s more important during harmattan.  Your most important beauty products should be your moisturizer and your lip balm right now. Keep them with you always.

3.Use Natural Oils

Natural oils like Coconut, sunflower or lavender are needed to support the new skin formation and also act as a protective barrier against burning. You only need a few drops of oil in your body moisturizer for some extra protection against the sun. You should have this in your bag everytime you’re out.

4.Exfoliate More Often

Just because it’s harmattan doesn’t mean exfoliation should take a backseat. Harmattan season is the perfect time to whip out those sugar and coffee scrubs. A good body scrub helps to clear your skin tone and helps with blood circulation, leaving the skin glowing. Don’t over exfoliate and don’t forget to moisturize afterwards.

5. Use A Mild Cleanser

Harmattan season is the perfect time to use mild cleansers (try out ones with Rosewater and glycerin). When you want to wipe your makeup, make sure you use a mild cleanser and avoid alcohol because it dries out the skin.

6.Avoid Hot Showers

Avoid hot shower and overstaying in the bathtub during the Harmattan season. This could strip the skin off it natural oil and dry out the skin. Instead, use lukewarm water to avoid moisture loss.

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