Make Your Spicy Goat Meat Pepper With This Short Video

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Pepper soup is one delightful dish many of us can’t resist no matter how much we try. It’s aroma and yummy look  makes it one of the most popular dishes in Nigeria. There are several ways to prepare it depending on whether you want to use poultry, fish or beef. Goat meat pepper soup is a good variation to try out this weekend.

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Generally, the method of cooking pepper soup is the same, with slight changes depending on which type you want to make. This spicy dish does not require you to be the best cook in the world, just enough enthusiasm will get you enjoy it in a matter of minutes.

To make your at home, you will need; Goat Meat, Habanero Pepper ( vary quantity to suit your taste), a few scent leaves, onions, salt, stock cubes and water for cooking.

Watch the quick video below to learn how

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