Gain Weight Naturally With These 7 Tips


Not every woman wants to lose weight, some are on the move to add a bit of flesh, and why not!

If you are that woman who thinks she will be comfortable with a bit more flesh on her, you are not making a mistake.

Here are some ways to add weight naturally.

1. Eat healthy oils and fats

Healthy oils, such as olive oil, avocado, and nuts -which have healthy fats in them, are rich in nutrients as well as high in calories. Adding a drop of oil to your salad (Yes, you heard right) or topping your meal with some sliced avocado is an easy way to increase body size.

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For instance, if you’re enjoying some porridge yam, stir in some olive oil to make them creamier. For a quick mid-afternoon snack, a handful of cashew nuts or peanuts is a very good option.

2. Eat regularly

Eating often throughout the day can provide you with a steady flow of calories. Try to eat at least every 4 hours, whether it is a full meal or a small snack. If you’re not up to a meal, have a snack that includes protein and three different classes of food. If you prefer, you can create 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day, rather than adding snacks between larger meals.

3. Try drinks with lots of calories

Sometimes, eating all day long can fill you up, and you still don’t get enough calories to gain weight. However, if you get some of your calories in liquid form, you won’t feel as full.

In actual fact, you should skip sodas, which do not offer much nutrition. Instead, drink smoothies, liquid yogurt, and even fruit juice, all of which have calories and nutrients.

4. Don’t drink before eating

Drinking water or any beverage before eating can fill you up. You should leave room for the calories you need to consume. Instead of drinking water before you eat, try drinking a calorie-rich drink while eating, such as fruit juice or a smoothie. That works better.

5. Eat food that contains the right calories

While chips and cookies look like an easy way to put on weight, it is best to put on weight healthily. Eating food that has empty calories isn’t healthy. Keep your foods rich in nutrients, such as vegetables, fruits, and meat, as you increase your calories.

Avoid foods such as sodas and overly sugary foods. One reason you want to skip these calories is they won’t help you build muscle or bone, which in actual fact help support your added weights.

6. Do some exercise 

Lifting and weight training help your body gain muscle weight, which is the best kind of weight for your body to put on. Start off slowly if you aren’t used to doing this kind of training. Increase weight and decrease reps as you go along.

In addition, exercise increases your appetite, making you want to eat more. You can also try exercises such as swimming, biking, or doing mild push-ups.

7. Eat solid meals

Every day, make sure you get at least three meals. Introduce larger portions of your meals to help increase your calories. You may have a tendency to skip breakfast, only eating 2 main meals, but making sure you actually eat three meals can help you gain weight. If you can’t eat huge meals because it upsets your stomach, eat smaller meals throughout the day. Don’t skip meals.

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