7 Ways To Prevent Yourself From Snake Bites While Using The Toilet

Since the sad news of the death of a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Personnel Lance Corporal Ogah Bercy, attached to the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), who was bitten by a snake in her toilet at the NAF Base Bill Clinton Drive Abuja broke, there have been other reports about snakes being found in toilets across the country.

Although this is not entirely a new report, however, there are reports that the current weather condition in the country may be a factor.

Snakes are cold-blooded animals therefore, they need warm environments to survive especially when they are in places that are very dry, extremely hot, or both.

Toilets offer a cool, wet, dark place for snakes to cool off and relax thereby providing a great place for them to feel safe and comfortable.

In addition to the reasons of comfort and safety that snakes find when hanging out in toilets, part of what can also draw them there are the food sources e.g rats, mice, and other small rodents that live in the sewers.

In light of this, here are 7 ways to prevent snakes bites while using your toilet.

1. Periodical fumigation of your sewage system (This should be done every 6 months)

2. Repair all broken pipes and conduct regular maintenance checks on your sewage system.

3. Bushes around your house should be properly and regularly cleared so as to prevent snakes or other reptiles from harbouring around the house.

4. Cover all vent openings in the roof. This is because snakes can easily find their way through the trees to your rooftops, and down your ventilation pipes.

5. Always cover the septic tanks as this can lead to snakes or other reptiles turning the slab to their home and invading your home.

6. Check your toilet before use and avoid using it in the dark .

7. Keep your toilet lid closed when not in use.

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