4 Tips To Help You When Laying Your Edges (Baby Hairs)


So you finally found yourself the edge control that the natural hair influencers use but for some reason, your edges are not staying laid like they should in the videos you watch. They stay laid for the first thirty minutes but then pop right back up.

Laying edges is not so hard, believe it. There are easy ways to get around keeping your edges laid and here they are;

1. Water your baby hairs

Use water on your baby hair before anything. Of course, you have to make sure your hair is clean first. Dirt can be one of the reasons your edges are not staying like they should. So once you’ve ensured your hair is clean, dip your hand into the water and just rub on your baby hair to get them wet. If you have a spray bottle, you can use that too.


2. Use an edge control that works

You have to make sure your edge control actually controls edges. Some edge controls that influencers hype do not work for all types of hair. So find one that works for you. One great product many naturalistas swear by is the Eco-Styler Gel. There are other great options in the market you just need to find what works for your hair type.

Many people believe that the only way to get sleek edges is to use gel. Although gel will provide the most hold, you can also try other products as well. Avoid drying alcohols like ethanol, propanol, propyl, isopropyl, and isobutane.

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3. Water your brush

Once you’ve applied the edge control and before you use your brush to make your swirly designs or brushing, dip that brush into water and then make your designs. Ensure that your brush stays wet throughout so you might want to keep your water close by.

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4. Tie it down

You’re done laying them but you are not done. To ensure they stay flat all day long, grab a scarf and tie around the edge of your hair. This does not only ensure they stay flat, but it also cleans up the excess and leaves your edges neat.

Contrary to whatever you’ve been told, you can lay your natural hair down. It does not have to be relaxed.

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